Events & Conferences - The Pine Hall

With a capacity of over 100 people, The Pine Hall can play an ideal host for corporate functions and personal celebrations. May it be high-powered Board meetings, Management Trainings, Workshops or private celebrations, our team can put together events to suit business, pleasure, and leisure.

Kitty Parties – The Cedar Hall

With The Cedar Hall - a kitty party cum cards room coupled with numerous outdoor experiences, the hotel provides for ample personal as well as social indulgences making it a much sought after kitty party host near Chandigarh.

Bonfires, Bar-be-cues, DJ Nights – The Greens

Our lush green manicured lawns is an apt location for theme based outdoor events and celebrations. May it be Bonfires, Bar-Be-Cues, DJ nights, or anything else that tickles the social senses.